Saturday, September 8, 2012

Gettin' Healthy

We are embarking on a weight loss journey at the Gettin' Fresh household. We have set a timeline and will employ a plan. Using The Schwarzbein Principle as our main guide, we will attempt to loss 10 lb. in 6 weeks.

We have come up with a strategy for dealing with a few challenges:
Busy Schedule
To overcome our hectic schedules, we will plan ahead for the coming week. We will make enough healthy meals on Sunday to last us all week and freeze them. Then we can reheat in minutes in the microwave as we run out the door.

With finals looming, we will eliminate temptation by not buying the fattening and unhealthy snacks that we usually run to when we face stress. Soda and chips are not good stress relievers.

Feeling Deprived
This is a tricky one. We will allow a treat every once in a while as a reward for successfully following our plan. This treat will strike a balance between sinful and healthy, like frozen yogurt with a candy topping instead of double-cream ice cream topped with hot fudge.