Friday, August 3, 2012

Artisan Breads

I have been attending culinary school for a year and a half now. I expect to graduate in the spring. One of my classes this quarter is Artisan Breads. I find that making bread is like doing the laundry: it takes more time than effect, it is a neverending job (bread is a staple around here, as are clean underpants), and no one actually wants to do it. I am one of those rare breeds who doesn't mind doing the laundry, or baking my own bread.

Here are a few of the creations we have turned out int he last month:
Soft Dinner Rolls

Cheesy Dinner Roll

Brandy Raisin Bagel and Cinnamon Sugar Bagel

French Loaves using 2 different starters

Sourdough Loaf with Asiogo Cheese

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