Monday, October 8, 2012

Gettin' Healthy Cont...

It has been a month already, and our weight-loss journey has been a frustrating one. In four weeks, we have lost 2 pounds. Actually, in week 1 we lost 4 pounds in the first few days, then put then back on. Then, in week 2, we gained 1 pound and lost it again. Week 3, we maintained our weight all week. Followed by week four where we have taken off 2 pounds and kept them off. We are disappointed and discouraged.

BUT, we are eating healthier and feeling better each day. Though the diet hasn't worked for weight loss, it has made us feel better, with more stamina and less dependent on naps to get through our day. And our brain power has improved slightly too.

What we need is to add some kind of exercize to the plan. This is more of a challenge but one that can be overcome by willpower. I'll check back up in a couple of weeks.

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